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Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) UK

Ending violence and abuse against women & children

Access to Specialist Support Services – Working for Secure and Robust Communities

Support for survivors and vulnerable people to domestic violence and abuse or gender-based inequalities

We rebuild lives, restore hope and dignity.

As Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) continues to flourish in our journey of relieving the needs of women and children who have experienced domestic violence or abuse, we want to build a tight-knit community where new and existing donors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders, join AOS, as formal members.

You will see the details that follows but note this is so meaningful for the existing AOS Team members. In that we really want to grow our family into a flourishing force to be reckoned with, both in the areas that concerns our purpose and objectives.  But also, for our member’s benefits as well, when the need arises. We aim to serve each other, give hope to those in need and to gain the trust of all those we meet.  As our values states, Serve, Hope and Trust.  That is, we look to Serve our beneficiaries and communities – to give back, rather than to take.  We want to restore Hope and Dignity for all peoples’ we come across to help. We seek to comply and build Trust with all our Members and Stakeholders.

By becoming a member of the AOS’ family, the benefits to AOS in gaining new members are: –

  • To draw from members’ experience and knowledge by keeping trustee board up to date with the needs of beneficiaries, providing feedback and diverse opinions
  • Keep the trustee board fresh and accountable and help ensure honesty and transparency.
  • Improve the Charity’s ability to influence the social or political environment in which we operate.
  • Act as a pool of volunteers and potential trustees

 Further benefits to AOS includes:

  • Provide fundraising opportunities.
  • Give of their time and commitment to the aims of AOS and
  • Help to raise the profile of AOS Charity.

 Rules – To apply to join click on the download link and filled in the details as an Life or Full Member.  (See our Articles of Association constitution and check its eligibility, some of which is summarised below): –

  • Who can join? Any member of the public over the age of 18 years.
  • Are there any membership criteria? Only as far as you are happy to join and adhere to the rules. Note, you must be formally approved to join for AOS membership by the Board of Trustees.  
  • What fees are payable? Minimum subscription fees applies. 
  • What benefits come with membership? A range of insights, resources and support where needed.
  • How long does membership last and how is it renewed? As long as you like but depends on type of membership taken see downloadable AOS membership form.
  • In what situation can members be barred or removed? See our constitution.
  • How are membership terms reviewed and amended? See our constitution.

 What other role can AOS members play?

  • renew, remove, and replace directors/trustees.
  • amend constitutional documents.
  • approve transactions between company and directors/trustees.
  • control any remaining assets if or when the charity is wound up.

 All members can ensure that the trustees do not manage the charity in isolation and provides some in-house scrutiny of their actions and decisions. 

 Practically, these rights often boil down to an invitation to attend, and vote at, the Charity’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

 We are aware of a number of existing AOS Partners, that already donate monthly. However, we encourage you to join as an AOS Formal Member, to gain the feeling of being directly involved with our efforts. Additionally, to our friends who have not donated before by becoming a member of AOS, you will help support these victims who endured traumatic experiences through no fault of their own.

 We hope you will join us to help provide support to these victims. Your support will help us initiate various projects from education to infrastructure. As our values lie in serve, hope and trust, we encourage you to become members, join our journey and assist us in rebuilding and safeguarding lives. by engaging with this journey, you will become a difference maker, for others and for yourself. 

AOS purpose is set out in its objectives as follows:

To relieve the needs of women and children, but not exclusively ethnic minority women and children, who have experienced domestic violence or abuse by:

  1. The provision of appropriate specialist support and services.
  2. Providing training to people working with domestic violence and abused victims/survivors or those who are potentially vulnerable to gender-based violence and abuse; and
  3. Raising public awareness of domestic violence and abuse.

Our VALUES – Serve | Hope | Trust.

We look to Serve our Beneficiaries and communities – to give back, rather than to take.

We want to restore Hope and dignity for all peoples’ we come across to help.

We seek to comply and build Trust with all our Members and Stakeholders.

Click on the Download AOS Membership Form Button to obtain the form. 

Once you have filled it in you can Click here to send or submit on the upload link here.  

Upload Your Membership Form Here

AOSUK Membership

What is on offer?                       

Services are Centred on Survivors.

Confidential advice and support for victims and survivors of violence against women and girls whether in the UK or Internationally.  Assessed Specialist Support services provide group and one to one support to all women and girls who have experienced any form of gender-based violence or abuse and gender inequalities.

Your part:

By partnering with AOS, you will help our operations provide support to victims who through no fault of their own have experienced either domestic abuse or gender-based violence.

As a member, you will also help us to provide:

  • Specialist support primarily for BAME victims, some are refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.
  • Support against early and forced marriage.
  • Support against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
  • Support against laddish girl gang culture to exit.
  • Refuge (Safe Haven).

Many are orphans, widowed, weak and vulnerable. Your support will also include work on:

  • Women and children’s health projects
  • Education projects
  • Social development and programmes
  • Empowerment and income-generating Projects
  • Building and infrastructure projects

Our part:

AOS sessions develop coping strategy that build emotional wellbeing and mental health to rebuild lives.

The workshop will help women and girls to recover, e.g., over-come isolation, rejection, and the stigma.

Attendees build confidence to lead independent lives, improve life chances and improve their quality of life.

Person’s centred model approach.

Processes are based upon a proven successful method of AOS’ Unique Programme, which utilises Fikelephi’s personal touch process that makes this service uniquely different.

This model approach uses a combination of strong cultural empathy, active listening, and inspirational techniques to achieve positive impact and results.

Restoring hope, Rebuilding lives and Regaining dignity.

Serving our communities

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