AOS raise awareness of domestic violence/abuse, with support, rehabilitation, advocacy & training for women in England. In Malawi, a School is pursued for girls rescued from early marriages. We pay for School fees, bicycles and amenities for students. To empower women and girls in Zimbabwe and Zambia with Sewing-Machines, Hairdressing, Sanitary Pads, Food Hampers, Survival Kits. Provide Solar Lights for Maternity Wards and give support to female health and wellbeing.

AOS UK supports for the relief and empowerment of ethnic minority women and children and other women and children who are survivors of gender-based violence and abuse, including orphans and widows by the conduct of charitable operations, including the provision and promotion of refuge, education, health, physical infrastructure, social development and income-generating activities.

Provide training to people working with domestic violence and abuse victim-survivors or those who are potentially vulnerable to gender-based violence and abuse. Raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse. Advocate and promote the equality of women and children. 

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Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) UK

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AOS UK needs your support!!

Support us with general funds to continue this great work.
Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) works to support safeguarding and protection of ethnic minority women and children. Their objectives are to support, and relief need for victims, survivors and vulnerable people to domestic violence or abuse and discrimination in UK communities and abroad. Founder Fikelephi Jackson recognised from her own experiences that many women, especially Africans, suffer in silence in order to retain their home or protect their family honour. Working tirelessly to rebuild lives and restore hope, this incredible organisation delivers befriending projects for survivors across South East England & Africa, holistic services are being developed to meet increasing demands. In addition, over 150 Students in Malawi have received school scholarships through AOS, and they seek to support these students with school uniforms and stationery items for their studies and other needs.


Support needy children to achieve their dreams.
By contributing towards a new school building in the Dedza District, in Malawi, Africa. With your support, the girls can gain hope and a brighter future. We need to raise £50,000 to supply all the materials, fixtures and fittings, and local builders and labour, etc.

Beneficiaries Description:

Secondary aged children who are disadvantaged. Who are victims of abuse and early marriage. Denied a chance to go to school and gain good quality education. That can help them to support their families and village.

Indirect Beneficiaries Description:

Children who are abuse including early marriage children within the communities at large, where villagers will also benefit as the children will gain a education and help lift families out of poverty, by using their knowledge gained in income generating activities.


Magwegwe Bulawayo Zimbabwe

AOS activities is to promote economic growth by venturing into income generating projects with residents of the Magwegwe Community, Zimbabwe. The objective is to carry out renovation assessment for the purpose of setting up a women’s project proposal for the benefit of the local community. After finalising a strategic planning exercise, technical and financial support agreements for specific activities, we will develop the Women’s Centre with the help of local people. AOS will work together with other local organisations in realising this project aims and objectives to empower women and girls.

Beneficiaries Description:

Women and girls beneficiaries who are victim-survivors of gender-based violence and abuse. Women and girls who are discriminated against and disadvantaged, thus not had equality of rights to gainfully work nor had a chance to set-up business endeavours. Women and girls who are orphans and widows.

Indirect Beneficiaries Description:

Families in the local villages and surrounding communities.

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