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AOS purposes are set out in its objects as follows:
  • To offer protection and enable access to specialist support services to restore mental and physical health and well-being of Black and ethnic minority women and children and other women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.
  • To give support for the relief and empowerment of Black and ethnic minority women and children and other women and children who are survivors of gender-based violence and abuse, including orphans and widows by the conduct of charitable operations, including the provision and promotion of refuge, education, female health, physical infrastructure, social development and income-generating activities.
  • To provide training to people working with domestic violence and abused victims/survivors or those who are potentially vulnerable to gender-based violence and abuse.
  • To raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse.
  • To advocate and promote the equality of women and children.

AOS carries out its purposes by:

Seeking ways to provide early intervention and preventative measures to women who have experienced domestic violence or abuse at some time in their life, through subsidised or free therapeutic mental health rehabilitation in one to one and group sessions. These programmes are provided for people who are either potentially vulnerable to or who are victims and/or survivors of domestic violence and abuse. The beneficiaries include refugees, migrants and individuals from local communities who are in need of the service and have met AOS’ selection criteria.

We provide information on domestic abuse and advertise the support services available for victims or women at risk. AOS subsidises the cost of attending women empowerment workshops and speaking engagements, because victims of discrimination or individuals that have suffered physical, emotional, financial and/or sexual abuse often suffer from shame and withdraw from society. We also donate items of clothing, toiletries and other essential supplies to victims of gender-based violence.

Training and workshops are carried out by AOS volunteers and staff working with beneficiaries in the UK and we also support such training on the ground in Africa.

Awareness is brought about through our annual anniversary event (Dare to Dream, Dream to Fly) and through other events.  We also raise awareness through our social media platforms and website postings.

AOS advocates and promotes equality within the public at large, encouraging women and children who are victims of domestic abuse to become more involved within their respective communities.  We also advocate and promote awareness of individual entitlement and human rights to those individuals and to others in the community, for example by the education of certain clients who have suffered from abuse or discrimination but may not be aware of their legal rights and protections.

Our Vision
Our vision is to reach the broken hearted globally who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse.
See people’s lives healed and restored. 
Take the message of hope all over the world, especially in places where people are oppressed.
Raise awareness about domestic violence against all men and women over the world.
Build safe havens where women can receive healing as well as practical advice on how to move forward in their lives.
To build secure and robust communities – Rebuilding lives, restoring hope and dignity.

Our Mission Statement
To deliver and implement a message of hope, restoration and liberty. 

Our Values
Are to serve our communities, give hope and build trust.

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Our team


Dr Evangelist Fikelephi Jackson




Brenda Nyaruwa Simango

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