SUBJECT: AOSUK Foob Hamper and Sewing Machines Distribution July 2020

Report by: Sunday News Zimbabwe 03/july/2020

Meanwhile, a regional non-governmental organisation, Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) also donated sewing machines and food hampers to vulnerable people in Mabutweni yesterday.

The organisation launched the pilot project in 2017 by acquiring vending places for women and a women craft centre is in the pipeline.

The food donation of mealie-meal, cooking oil and bar soaps comes as many households in the city have been left stranded as most of their well-wishers have diverted their corporate social responsibility to provide measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Speaking during the donation ceremony at Mabutweni Home Craft Centre, on behalf of the organisation’s founder, United Kingdom based Mrs Fikelephi Jackson, AOS public affairs officer Miss Sandokuhle Ndlovu said the donation of sewing machines was to ensure that women from Mabutweni suburb could engage in self-help projects.

“One of the objectives as an organisation is to teach people how to catch fish, not to give them fish thus giving them these sewing machines will ensure that they are independent and are able to fend for themselves.


“Through this, we are targeting to take the message of hope all over the world, especially in places where people are oppressed,” said Miss Ndlovu.

Ward 13 Councillor Frank Javangwe urged the beneficiaries to sew masks in light of the pandemic which has seen masks become a vital tool to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Two other companies, Dingani Bookshop and Bheksaz Shalom Solutions also donated Protective Personal Equipment to schools in Matabeleland South that will be used during the June/ July examinations starting on Tuesday.


Greetings to you AgainstAllOddsStillStanding Charity. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good work you did for us on Saturday 27 June 2020.You took good care of us in this tough time of Covid-19 by providing us with Food Hampers & Sewing Machines. To us as Women who had resorted to prostitution, stealing, this means a lot and we shall be forever grateful to you all. God bless you and shall give you many more .

N Ngwenya

on behalf of Mabuthweni Women Zimbabwe Bulawayo

We trust you continue to stay safe with your Families during Covid-19

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Against All Odds Still Standing Charity Covid-19 Food Hampers Campaign
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25 Families (AOS Beneficiaries) received their Food Hampers yesterday 3rd May 2020 in Bulawayo Mabuthweni in addition they all received a Home Cooked meal

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