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Access To Specialist Support Services
Secure and Robust Communities
Ending violence and abuse against women & girls

Support is available for victims, survivors and vulnerable people of domestic violence and abuse in the community
We Rebuild lives and Restore hope

What’s on offer?
Confidential advice and support for victims of violence against women and girls (VAWG). Our aim is to give an integrated one-stop approach service, in partnership with stakeholders.

  • Assessed Specialist Support services provide group support to all women and girls from age 17 and upwards that have experienced all forms of violence and abuse.
  • Women and girls who qualify for the service may have finished with other support with existing services and have been discharged from the following services:
    • Social Services
    • Hospital, GPs & Health Clinics
    • Voluntary and Community Services
  • We offer longer-term support with on-going help in practical, social and emotional support to improve life chances.
  • Access available support to enable women and girls to finally get over the violence & abuse—be it to put an end to stigma, rejection and isolation—to cope and recover. Rebuild lives and restore hope.

We offer services centred on survivors

  • Access to specialist support can start at 12 weeks with an additional 3 months if required.
  •  Further on-going longer-term support is also available.
  • Access to specialist black and minority ethnic (BME) support is also available to meet the needs of women and children who approach and accesses the victim and survivor’s group sessions.
  • Focus groups will be a regular feature for those accessing the services; which can be a great way for users to share their experiences both within our service and within the community.
  • The lessons learned will help to maintain quality standards and continue improving the service for the future.

Access to BME specialist support is available as a group of between 3 and up to 25 people at any one time in afternoon sessions. One to one on-going support is also available. Both group and one to one support are held within a safe welcoming environment.
Group workshops

  • Includes resettlement programmes to help victims & survivors return to productive community lives.
  • Will develop coping strategies that includes emotional support to rebuild their lives.
  • Sessions will help women and girls to recover in meaningful ways. E.g. overcome isolation, rejection and the stigma.
  • Build confidence to lead independent lives, improve life chances and improve attendee’s quality of life.
  • Individual centred model approach
  • Within a group setting processes are based upon the proven successful method of Against All Odds Still Standing Unique Programme (AOSUP), which utilises the Founder, Fikelephi’s personal touch process approach that makes this service uniquely different.
  • This model uses a combination of strong cultural empathy, active listening and inspirational techniques to achieve positive impact and results.

Independent Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Advocate

  • One on one support where require
  • Specialist support for victims who are Refugees, Immigrants & Asylum seekers
  • Support against Forced Marriage
  • Support against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Support against Girl Gang culture to enable an exit from their laddish behaviour
  • Raising awareness within the family where safe to do and the wider community


  • We will provide information and advice on domestic violence, sexual & abuse concerns and its impact on related issues, E.g. Children, benefits, welfare, housing, finance, legal and immigration issues, including those with no recourse to public funds.
  • As well as recreational and other activities in the community and beyond on the road to recovery.

Peered voluntary opportunities
Once some survivors are independent they may volunteer to include peer support.
Volunteers will help to identify vulnerable women & girls in prevention and early intervention efforts.

 Access the Specialist Service
Assessments and eligibility onto the group support is available if you are a local resident and are registered with a local GP. Access to support are for women and girls from age 17 years old who are either vulnerable or have experienced domestic violence or abuse in one or any of its forms.

If you are an individual who has experienced domestic violence or abuse in the past or feel vulnerable and are currently receiving support from your GP, you can contact us directly for an initial appointment.
Statutory Support Services
Referrals to this service are welcome, where individuals are ready for discharge and could benefit with additional support in resettlement into the community with independent living.

GPs can refer any patients who have previously experienced domestic violence or abuse who could benefit from the longer—term social and practical specialist support to live a more fulfilling and independent life.
Voluntary & Community Services
Referrals are also welcome from other organisations as well as VAWG organisations.
We endeavour to work collaboratively with other stakeholders such as with the Pan-London VAWG Consortium and the Kent Domestic Abuse Consortium, as well as One Stop Shops where we can also sign-post victims for other related specialist services.

Rebuilding Lives and Restoring Hopes


Get your Life back! from well trained Specialist coaches for survivors of domestic abuse and violent.
Receive Help from:
Traumatic experinces
Low self esteem


aosuk project offers

Social Trips 72%
Events 83%
One To One Support 71%
Act It Out Sessions 73%
Weekly Group Sessions 85%
Skills For Life Workshps 89%
Resources 59%
Peer Support 85%

Sessions take place in a friendly welcoming environment

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