Against all odds MISSION TO ZAMBIA 2017
(CO REG NO:120170009412)
Vision for the mission trip 2017: to Educate, Equip & Empower

AOS Zambia Team

  • Mrs fikilephi jackson – CEO
  • Mrs violet mutambo – Operations manager
  • Ms sphiwe benasho – Personal assistant
  • Ms mbaita mayembe – Business support manager
  • George haruperi – Media

Mission Statement
To implement and deliver a message of hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness & redemption



The vision for the 2017 mission trip: EDUCATE, EQUIP AND EMPOWER.

DAY 1  Mrs Jackson CEO of AOS arrived at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport at 8 pm. She was picked by Grace and Mrs Mutambo.

  • Checked into Lusaka Grand Hotel.
  • Team meeting about to plan the trip to Chongwe.

DAY 2  The AOS team went to PACRA at 8 am for the registration the organization.

  • Bought items to take to Chongwe- Sugar, Box of Crisps, 5 litres Cooking oil, 5kg salt,  20 kg potatoes,  3 cases of soft drinks and 3 cases of water.
  • Purchased a Wheelchair.
  • The team had a meeting at 7 pm to outline the itinerary for the trip to Chongwe.

DAY 3 Met with Pastor of Bread of Life Church at 8 am.

  • Interview at ZNBC at 9 am.
  • The team departed for Chongwe at 1:30 pm.
  • Arrival in Chongwe at 2:30 pm. The team was well received.
  • Lunch and drinks were provided before the meeting commenced.
  • The beneficiaries were presented with a sewing machine, 10 hampers, uniforms, 4 tyres, Sugar, Box of Crisps, 5 ltrs Cooking oil,  5kg salt and 2 potato 10kg bags.
  • The team left Chongwe at 5:30 pm
  • The certificate of Registration of AOS was collected.

DAY 4  Interview at Q Television Network at 7 am
Visited Cheshire Homes. The team presented a beneficiary with a sewing machine.
DAY 5  Departure to Chongwe at 9 am.

The team arrived in Chongwe at 10 am.

  • Presentation of 10 Sewing Machines and Vegetables to beneficiaries.
  • Personal details of potential beneficiaries were recorded.
  • Closing prayer by Pastor Louis.

Visited the Clinic in Chongwe.

The AOS Zambia team had a final meeting to discuss and evaluate the activities.

Mrs Jackson checked out of the hotel at 9 pm and headed to the airport with Sphiwe and Mrs Mutambo.


Fikilephi Jackson
Grace Nankonde
Violet Mutambo
Sphiwe Benasho
Violet Mutambo
Rokafella Chisenga
George Haruperi
Mbaita Mayembe


  • Meetings with the team were productive.
  • There were shortfalls experienced regarding time keeping and communication
  • The interview at ZNBC was not on the itinerary. However, it was successful.
  • Some beneficiaries were not present when we arrived. However, they received their respective donations.
  • Interview at Qtv and visit to Cheshire homes was successful.
  • The expected beneficiaries were not present when we arrived in Chongwe.
  • The Person in charge at the clinic was not available hence the donation was not presented.


  • There needs to be proper communication within the team in case of sudden changes in the program to facilitate smooth alteration of the plan.
  • Need for enhanced communication between the AOS team and the coordinator in Chongwe.
  • Visitation of the beneficiaries’ homes is needed for accurate assessment of their needs.
  • The team discussed the shortfall experienced and improvements to be made.
  • The mission in 2017 was successful for the reason that the beneficiaries were educated, equipped & empowered.

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