AOS Achievements

AOS Achievements & Challenges for the past 8 Years in Malawi 🇲🇼 Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Zambia 🇿🇲 United Kingdom 🇬🇧

(Holistic Approach towards our Students, we provide Uniforms, School Shoes, Stationery, Sanitary Pads, underwear):
 School Fees:- in Malawi (Namikasi Sec School, Zingwangwa Sec School, Bwabwali Sec School, Chisu Sec School)AOS paid Secondary School Fees successfully for over 200 Students from Form 1 to Form – Form 4

 Bikes Initiative, When we found out that some of our Students were walking over 25km to & from school we bought Bikes for these Students.
 Survival Kit Initiative: Every year without fail each one of the Students receives a survival kit put together by AOS UK Team containing Sanitary Pads, Tooth-paste & Tooth-brush, soap, pants & deodorants etc
 Meet-the-Guardian Initiative: As most of our Students are orphans we ensured we meet the Guardians in order to not only get consent, but also to emphasise the importance of Education, our commitment & our part, their part too.
 Core-Subjects Textbooks Initiative: ie Mathematics, Sciences & English we brought these we realised there were no libraries in the village Secondary Schools.
 School-Assemble-Address: We realise the importance of motivating the entire school on the importance of Education.
 Meet-The-Sponsor Initiative: We invite Our Sponsors to pack their bags to meet their Beneficiaries. The Sponsors in return become our Guest Speakers the following year, reporting on their fundings and their experience on the Against All Odds Missions trip.
 Against All Odds Building Project: Secondary School Building in Malawi 🇲🇼Land given by Chief Kachindamoto in Dedza Ntakataka Village. We have successfully started the foundation of our first Secondary School primarily for Girls who have been rescued from early marriages by Chief Kachindamoto and her Team. We successfully met with District Commission in Dedza, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Gender
 Building Project Initiative: Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Magwegwe Women’s Empowerment Centre Refurbishment Building given by Bulawayo City Council
 Social Development: (Women’s Empowerment) Our Moto has been, do not give the FISH instead “TEACH-THEM-HOW-TO-FISH”in order to provide for their families. The Women have been through a season of pain, most of them are HIV positive, also survivors of Domestic Violence & Gender based issues
 Sewing-Machine TRAINING Initiative; Hair-Dressing Initiative; Beading etc. In all the Malawi 🇲🇼(60 Women); Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 (40 Women) Zambia 🇿🇲 (13 Women) We have done Training & Workshops in all the 3 countries
 Beading Training & Book-Keeping Workshop We successfully trained 25 Women in Bulawayo Zimbabwe & Business Strartrers for those women who we ready to start
 Mobile Clinic Initiative: Successfully brought Mid-wives from UK Veneta Jebutu working in partnership Mitundu Hospital in Malawi to support, empower the Nurses who deliver babies under very difficult environment without light.


 Solar-Lights for Mitundu Hospital Maternity Initiative: We donated Solar-Lights for:

o Delivery Room
o Kangaroo Room
o Labour Room
o Intensive-Care-Unit,
o Theatre Room. Also
o Staff Uniforms for both Hospitals in Malawi and Zimbabwe

 Mpilo Maternity Hospital in Bulawayo Zimbabwe Donated Sanitary Pads

Events: (Dare To Dream! Dare To Fly! Against All Odds Fundraising Gala Dinner & Dance
 AOS UK Team successfully held Dare To Dream! Dare To Fly! Against All Odds Gala Dinner & Dance for the past 8 Years for the first time in 2019 we were able to auction products that have been made by our Beneficiaries in Zimbabwe Bulawayo
 AOS UK Team Building Away weekend

 Firstly, Sadly we lost our 2 Trustees who passed away one in the UK namely Dr. Nkem Ezim, in UK
 Secondly we lost Jephter Mwanza in Malawi
 Thirdly, Due to Restricted Funding we have not finished building our Secondary School in Malawi
 Fourthly, our Building Project in Zimbabwe to refurbish the Women’s Empowerment Centre we have been given
 Lastly, we have not started building our Women’s Empowerment Centre in Ntcheu District in Malawi due to lack of funding
 Support we need is. More und

 Our 2020 Vision is to

 Educate,
 Equip
 Empower

 Fundraise for 2020 & Beyond. Our Guests have an opportunity to give as a one off or sign-up for continuous giving via monthly/quarterly/yearly Standing Order Our Guests to have fun whilst giving back, entertainment, comedy, dance, dance.➡️ Follow this link for our Profile ➡️

I would also like to inform you we are preparing for our AOS Mission to Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia in a couple of months time. Questions often asked, how can we support AOS? What sort of In-kind donations is AOS hoping for, the list goes on. Please see attached on how you can support us. You could also choose to support us financially on a monthly bases via Standing Order. Every little helps from £5.00, £10.00 – £100.00 per month towards our projects we appreciate your support.
Meanwhile, should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would also be grateful if you could follow us on Social Media as well as share our links with your friends and family

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