Fikelephi Jackson

After the author, Fikelephi Jackson, published her successful book, titled ‘Against All Odds I Survived!’ she founded her non-profit organization, called, Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) UK. Fikelephi is a sought-after activist. Her passion is to see positive transformation in the lives of men and women who ordinarily might not have had a good chance at succeeding in life. Her team at the AOS works hard to organise glitzy annual anniversary fundraising dinner ball events. These successful events have aided AOS to effectively deepen its work in support of safeguarding and protection of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women and children in recent times.

AOS actively seeks to end abuse and violence against women and children. The organisation’s objectives are to support and provide relief for victims, survivors and people who are vulnerable to domestic violence / abuse and discrimination in UK communities and abroad. Many survivors are orphans and widows, as evident in AOS’s outreach work in Malawi.

AOS rebuilds lives and restores hope, both of which contribute to the evolution of secure and robust communities.


AOS Team