Fikelephi Jackson New Wine Experience Interview

Inspiring, transformative, and evocative are words that have been used to describe this specially recorded song, “Against All Odds.”

“Listen to  Fikelephi Jackson’s New Wine Experience interview on Premier Christian Radio UK..”

This single was produced to mark Fikelephi Jackson‘s Golden Jubilee year, as her vocational work encapsulated in the award-winning mission of the ‘Against All Odds’organisation continues to thrive in various sites in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom and around the world.

Fikelephi Jackson is an award-winning published author with her successful book, titled ‘Against All Odds I Survived!’ she is a sought-after activist. Her passion is to see positive transformation in the lives of men and women who ordinarily might not have had a good chance of succeeding in life.

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