Nancy Chimalizeni Dent
Team Administrator

Nancy Chimalizeni Dent is originally from Malawi and lives in Lilongwe District. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from University of Malawi and serves as Malawi Team Administrator for Against All Odds Still Standing Organisation (AOS).  She is also a Founder and President for Interdependence Youth Development Network (IYDN) which was founded for the purpose of creating a sustainable platform for helping the youth and the vulnerable to realize their full potential through engaging in different sustainable development activities in the sectors of education and agriculture. Nancy Chimalizeni Dent also serves as the President for Soko Fund Graduate Association (SGA) which was founded by Soko Fund beneficiaries for the purpose of giving back to the community through various girl empowerment and reach out programmes.

Nancy Chimalizeni Dent is industrious, team builder, youth advocate, and a gospel music artist.  She also has experience in business development, data analysis, project planning, project implementation, and execution. Nancy Chimalizeni Dent holds a strong passion for humanitarian works and this gives her the courage to advocate for youth entrepreneurship programmes and other sustainable development initiatives for the improvement of livelihood for both the youth and other vulnerable members in the society.