Claudette Walker

Born in Jamaica,  Claudette is married with three adult children and two grandchildren. Claudette has developed an interest in healthcare and is now a retired nurse manager and work part-time in a developmental capacity in the NHS. During her Christian journey, she has been privileged to serve the church in a variety of ways including work on the local and national Boards of Administration in secretarial, financial and advisory capacities, as a Street Pastor involved in ministry overseas as well as locally, giving leadership to smaller groups. All have helped her to appreciate the correlation between responsibility and accountability.

As a graduate from London School of Theology Claudette is also a trained counsellor who has had several speaking engagements throughout the UK. From her experiences and core values of justice mercy and integrity, Claudette can bring to this role, leadership, managerial, counselling skills, as well as being a significant other in the development of others.