Mission to Malawi 2015

AOS UK Team consisted of five members who travelled to Malawi to conduct projects, programmes and further learning.

After a year long awareness campaign, fundraising and organisation, the AOS UK team undertook AOS’s latest projects in Malawi. Partners included, the Voice of The African Child (VOAC). As well as Against All Odds Malawi NGO team partners on the ground in Malawi.  With generous donations made from kind supporters, AOS increased secondary school scholarships from 30 students to 60 students in Malawi.  Students and other women were supported with much needed in-kind gifts, such as clothing and footwear, medical supplies, food hampers etc, personally handed out to targeted beneficiaries. These included HIV/AIDs women, one Blind woman, Women survivors of GBV and other women and children, where they took part in workshops and inspirational talks within social development programmes.

For details of the latest international operations see the forthcoming projects in Malawi to take place in October 2016  – Support these projects – Get in touch Click here or call 0795 091 8983.

AOS Thank you for your support.