Mission to Malawi 2014

The date for the 2014 travel to Malawi was from the 17th October to 25th October.   The AOS UK Malawi team who traveled were supported by ordinary people like yourself.  They made valuable donations of all sorts of items.  As well as from donors from Businesses, Doctors, Nurses, Psalmists, Pastors, Development Practitioners & others. You can also support our effects by giving towards our various projects, be it education, e.g  One off donations of £60 for getting girls back to school for a whole year. Or towards our Health projects or else in our social development projects.  You may like to take the opportunity to join us for a life changing experience in future upcoming missions.  Get in touch to take part in transforming the lives of those who need our help and support.

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AOS Team Malawi consisted of five members who travelled on the Mission to Malawi 2014.   We were able to obtained donations that we received and to give out these donated items of gifts the following demonstrated in our Achievable /Outcomes in 2014 below.  We did not have measurable targets as this was our first real efforts to obtain donations, which we can now measured using the 2014 figures below.
Achievable /Outcomes in 2014:

School Scholarships: X 22 for girls & x 5 for boys
Girls white socks X 100
Boys socks X 100
Men’s shoes X 14
Assorted clothes For women & children
Toiletries For women & girls
Sanitary pads X 400
Baby hampers X 30 (Includes hooded Towels x 25
Women’s Zitenjes X 100
Food Hampers X 25

All these were achieved, demonstrated in the above left hand above column, within our various projects as stated below:

  • Education projects – Visited six Schools and personally delivered School Scholarships programmes (colour coded – Yellow) [1].
  • Social development programme: Social awareness & empowerment talks with, women, boys & girls, and income generating activities  (colour coded – Blue).
  • HIV/Aids & Women Health projects: Deliverable of medical supplies etc, included Maternal & Neo-Natal Day at health clinic – Delivering of babies, etc (colour coded – Green).

Of course our main beneficiaries are victims/survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) and their families, along with Gender Base Violence (GBV), some of which included orphans and widows.
[1] Colour codes are for ease of fundraising purposes.

In 2014 we were able to access the South Region & some of the Central Regions in Malawi. In October 2015 Mission to Malawi we would like to cover the rest of the Central Region & the North Region. We intend to take with us a solid team of professional volunteers. Please consider how you can best support the coming event and mission, as well as the social development programmes and AOS operations.

We would be grateful if you could consider the organisational event’s sponsorship package and Donations information to promote where relevant.  As we look to double the donations given, with items of gifts and in-kind donations to be raised, we will use the above outcomes as a benchmark to build on what we have already successfully achieved to date.