Dare to Dream! Dare to Fly! Dinner Ball 2016

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Dare to Dream! Dare to Fly! Anniversary Dinner Ball

April 30, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 1:00 am
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0795 091 8983

Thank you for visiting us on our website & to this Events Page.  Upcoming event details to follow.  Join us as we celebrate our second anniversary since our launch.

This fun-filled evening also helps our efforts to fun-raise towards our beneficiaries. All proceeds will go to Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS) Operations. Fill a table of 10, one goes free. See also right at the bottom of this page for donation item ideas on how you can contribute your help and support. To purchase your ticket see options below. Or else give us a call if you have any questions. Volunteers are also required to help out on the night.

You can pay by Card payment or PayPal just below here. Click on the drop-down arrow for your ticket choice and select.  Then click on the Pay Now button and you will be taken to PayPal payment website to complete the purchase by Card payment or PayPal

NB. Your name and details will be matched at the event reception desk for entry at the event.  If making a group booking please obtain full names of all guests for references purposes, before your purchase.  

Special Request

Note that if you require a space for a Stand/Banner/Stall depending on location, these start at a cost from £45 plus additional cost of the Gala ticket at a complimentary rate for one person.  Sponsor packages are also available upon request. Contact us for more information. 

There will be a strong line up of inspirational guest appearances and special guest artists.

The Opportunity for you or your organisation

Individuals can experience a tremendous sense of satisfaction when donating to charities and receiving feedback for their donations.  Businesses and organisations also put a huge customer’s value on community and corporate social responsibility and this promotes a worthy cause that will help to achieve this. This is a very admirable endeavour and is also very impressive to the public when seeing reputable organisations supporting worthy causes.

The opportunity now exists to partner with AOS, as this continues to build on successes.  The fundraising events are put together to support the charitable activities of AOS that are scheduled as part of our annual calendar. There will be showcasing activities for fundraising. As well as highlighting the plight of domestic abuse survivors. The venues used are of a high standard, such as the Hilton & Marriott Hotels, where we have previously held successful events. As well as sponsorship opportunities, we welcome your kind gesture for funds, in-kind donated items, goods or services. In order to help raise funds, some donated items will be offered for sale in our fundraising auction and for raffle prizes. If you or your organisation would like to take advantage of the following, please contact team AOS directly.

We welcome Donations and Support towards our Projects, Programmes & Events. See how you can help us achieve our goals, as listed below.

Beneficiaries & Inputs :                                                Donations / Goods/ Services/ Property:  
AOS Charitable operations & programmes:                     Monetary or In-Kind donations / Matched funding  
Voluntary Opportunities:                                                    At our Gala events and/or operational support  
GBV/DVA Victims / Survivors, including refugees:       Funds towards Refuge accommodation  
Partnership with Specialist African Schools:                    Exchanges/Computers/Laptops/Tablets/Equipment  
Sponsor a child &/or  Scholarships:                                   Education & General child care support  
Project & Programme items:                                              Books, Study materials, Stationery & Handouts, etc.  
Partnership with African Health Clinics & Hospitals:     Medical supplies & equipment, etc.  
Women & Children’s survival kit:                                     Sanitary Pads, sawing packs, food hampers, etc.  
Project items:                                                                       Quality Clothing & footwear  
Project items:                                                                       Shipping cost &/or  Air Freight cost  
Sponsor one or more project volunteer/s:                      Air Flight Tickets  
Sponsor one or more project volunteer/s:                      Fuel, Transportation &/or Transfer cost  
Sponsor one or more project volunteer/s:                      Accommodation cost  
Sponsor one or more project volunteer/s:                      Full project cost  

Items for our  Event’s Raffle & Auction Donations as below: 

Raffle prizes / Auction Gifts:
Hotel Accommodation Gift Voucher offers
Air Flight Tickets
Any high value products
Any high value services

For further information on these or regarding our sponsorship package contact us via the website  http://aosuk.org/contact-us/.
See our Gofundme page.