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The key features of this book are:

  • That it is based on a truly compelling story of an African woman who survives against all the odds that are stacked up against her. These odds (or challenges) in her life, calls to attention of the Odds of;
    •  Poverty – Of a baby girl in Africa, born to a single mother
    • War – As a child she deals with the knowledge of her father who was killed for political reasons
    • Domestic Abuse – How she finds herself in a prolonged abusive relationship
    • Jobless, Homeless & Suicidal – After she flees, with low self-esteem, her struggles continues
    • Belief – Of her testing faith & tempting fate
    • Stigma – Relatives, Children & Marriage – Disgraced through her family, fending for her children & an ever seemingly illusive marriage
    • Grief – Having to deal with the sudden loss of her daughter
    • Empowerment – Strengthened, she discovers her purpose in life, from which all readers will benefit

How she deals with, survives and later thrives, with all these adversities are truly against all odds.

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'Against All Odds...I Survived'